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| job = Ruining his hero's life in general.
== The god Eyed Rorikon ==
The god '''Eyed Rorikon''' is a cruel [[God|God]] who refers to all the heroes he's ever had as, 'My little playthings.' Any hero who's ever been under his, pardon the expression, 'favor' has always ended up evil. This may be because the word 'encourage' is not in this god's personal dictionary. While this god may have no worshipers, it's become a habit among parents with misbehaving children to say, "If you don't improve your attitude, I'm going to hand you off to Eyed Rorikon to shape you up!"
Eyed Jester's parents were one of the few to actually follow through.
== Traits ==
As has been talked about, Eyed Rorikon is truly evil. He thinks of nothing but shaping his heroes into minions that will

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