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Sail Map: Added note that restocked ? island can change reward type
|style="background: #eee5a0; text-align: center;"| 💡 || Lightbulb || Hint island || Exploring this island has a chance to reveal either a hotness hint, or a set of 3 Points of Interest.
|style="background: #eee5a0; text-align: center;"| ? || Question mark || Unexplored Mysterious island || The results of exploring this island are unknown. If this island gets restocked under the "Repeated Visits" sail condition, the type of reward can be different from before.
|style="background: #eee5a0; text-align: center;"| ✵ || Star, snowflake, cloud, hot spring or sun. (✵, ❄, ☁, ♨, ☀, or ✺) || Hotness hint || Shows distance to nearest booty (more info below).

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