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{{monster|image=Dragonandon.jpg|class=DragonReptile|habitat=Mushroom gardens|description=A rest inducing reptile}}The '''Dragonandon''' (''Draconis filibusterus'' "filibuster dragon") is a [[boss-monster]].
While most dragons breathe fire out of their mouths, the Dragonandon (drag on and on) spews out long boring tales of its childhood, the state of its underground mushroom garden, or the latest addition to its stamp collection, among numerous other boring mundane topics in its arsenal. This often induces severe boredom in those who dare fight it: adventurers have often been reported to have fallen asleepwhen fighting itasleep, with some even attempting to bury their heads into the ground, or cut their own ears off, just so they wouldn't have to hear any more of the Dragonandon's rambling. Unfortunately the Dragonandon is typically extremely emotionally sensitive, and the sight of its audience being downright unappreciative of its stories usually sends it into a dangerous rage, raining down quick barrages of claw attacks and tail whips.
As of the time of writing this article, there has yet to be a proper recorded sketch of the beast itself, as it rarely emerges out in the open (probably tending to its mushroom garden or rearranging its stamp collection). Even then, the very few who have survived the physical and mental ordeal have offered vastly conflicting accounts of the Dragonandon's appearance, apart from the obvious facts that it has four limbs and a tail. Anyone who believes they've produced a proper image of the Dragonandon are welcome to add it abovehere.
It is rumored that a special type of earplugs is currently under development: when worn, it would block out only the Dragonandon's voice, thus saving you and your teammates from the agony. In the meantime, it is advised that your team members all wear high quality earplugs, and develop a simple form of non-verbal communication to coordinate your attacks.
*Keen ears
*Excellent eyesight
*Sharp tail
*Very sensitive feelings
*Will become enraged with chants like of "BoringBo-Ring!" and "Next!"and " BOO!"

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