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Angry Bird

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| class type= Aves/BirdWeapon| habitat durability = Pig Fortresses+30| description = VariableAngriness has a name. And a bird it seems.}}The '''Angry Bird''' ''(Cardinalis iratus)'' is a living [[monsterweapon]] that hates pigs. Or anything resembling them. They travel the globe looking for pigs to destroy but often mistake heroes for their dreaded enemies. But one cannot blame them. '''Strengths:'''* Can launch out of slingshot at dangerous speed.* Can use many different abilities depending on their color.* Two or more species can cause explosions.  '''Weaknesses:'''* Hurt themselves badly upon landing from slingshot.* Cannot fly without slingshot.* Mentioning meat, pigs, or the color green will enrage them.  [[Category:Monsters]]

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