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Aura of hoarding

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Colour: Orange,yellow
Heros who acquire this aura will be bathed in a soft orange aura intensifying to yellow when the hero gets close to something worth acquiring. Some heros mistake this aura as the aura of Whoring which is a non-existent aura that the hero seems to think he possesses permanently. The particular aura will encourage the hero to try and get his mitts on anything that moves or can be tinkered with. This includes artifacts and armour but definitely excludes the merchants merchant's daughter who, by all accounts, doesn't move very much except to give the hero the occasional slap in the face. Monsters who try and conceal their trophies, cunningly hiding them from the hero, will succumb to this tantalising aura, which compels all slain monsters to yield their trophies. When in town, the hero also has an overwhelming desire to hoard armour and skills and values these far more highly than chasing the merchant's daughter or spending a night at the Drunken Toad.

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