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==Progress Bar==<div style="float:leftright;margin-left:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">[[File:FailwhaleProgressBar.jpg|150pxframeless|upright=0.5|Hawkerlink=Progress Bar]]</div>
Voice of god, Vox dei - this The Progress Bar is the way a Creator can send orders and advice to his Heroeschain of taverns established by one of Godville's most renowned craft brewers Lara Craftbeer. Sending a heavenly message to the hero The franchise is accomplished by typing it in the appropriate field famous for serving locally brewed beers made out of the Remote Control and hitting "Send"; sending one message costs 5% Godpower“real non-artifical ingredients.”®️
([[Voice of God|'''moreLara Craftbeer left her hometown to become an adventurer.While hanging out with other heroes and heroines, she found a deep-rooted love for beer.She decided to retire from slaying monsters and raiding tombs, and devote the rest of her life to brewing beer.''']])
Recently featured: [[Dreaded Gazebo]] Lara's first brewery was started in an old carriage house. Her brews were experimental and innovative,; she tried to come up with new flavors, shapes, and viscosities. She had a lot of success among the local connoisseurs, but struggled to compete with the big taverns. She figured she needed an original staple brew, so, inspired by a rumour of bear monsters brewing beer, she left again to live the life of an adventurer in the hopes of them and some inspiration. She found and observed Beer Cubs for weeks, ultimately coming up with Beer Cub Ale, her most popular and award- [[New Times Roman]] - [[Sacrificial lamp]]winning brew.
([[Progress Bar|'''More...''']]) ----Recently featured: [[Fool's goldfish]] -- [[Beer-battered beer]] <noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:InfoboxesFrontpage]]

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