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===Receiving Her Goddess===
In her unconscious state, Fionnira had a vision. The goddess Shanimal appeared to her, who told her she was pleased with what she had done, and should she choose to worship her and become her Champion, she would provide guidance and healing. Fionnira, not knowing what she was to do now that her revenge had been exacted, accepted, and began her journey as a Heroine. ===Reviving the Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk===When a little over a month of questing and adventuring had passed, she received divine instructions from Shanimal to recreate the Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk. Fionnira was hesitant, but accepted upon realizing she could recreate their teachings, which she truly did believe in, but without the corruption of power the original Harbingers had blatantly flaunted. And thus, on the Second of January, 2018, she set out on her quest to create the guild.
==Personal Records and Achievements==

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