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Level 23
Since level 18
==Level 23==
* 17:16: Met Hopkinton Rhubarb III, borrowed some food and a couple of healing potions. Feeling much better now.
* 12:44: I've managed to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring somehow. Found a chest full of money. Gonna drink heavily.
* 12:44: They say it can't be done. Ha.
* 22:50: I have successfully completed my quest to 'find a better megaphone for my deity', yet nothing has happened.
* 22:50: I found a hi-fi loudspeaker and sacrificed it at a local temple, but the sacrificial fire damaged it beyond all repair. Shucks.
* 19:05: Following a sudden desire, I peeked into my knapsack and found one golden brick where a bold trophy used to be. That's what I call a true miracle!
* 13:00: Found pages from someone else's diary flying in the wind. I'd be horribly embarrassed if someone was reading my most personal thoughts... Oh, who am I kidding? I read them anyway.
* 12:55: Saw a notice posted by the roadside that said: 'You are entering Bat Country. Beware!'
* 07:03: A strange man with a floating exclamation mark above his head told me to find a better megaphone for my deity.
* 06:35: A wandering monk said that the gods don't like people not doing much work. People who aren't busy all the time might start to think.
* 06:33: Quest to 'make an appointment at a local cloister to learn how to access the astral plane' is completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck.
* 06:33: Lady, I'm going to the astral plane, don't expect me back too soon!
* 21:45: The Peanut Butter Jellyfish was beaten to death. I found 24 coins and a chip off an old block.
* 20:01: My pet is full of surprises. It looks like Sneezy has tamed a flea! Now he's trying to teach it some tricks.
* 16:55: Performed a leap of faith, but ended up flat on the ground anyway.
* 15:47: A suspicious stranger told me that if I make an appointment at a local cloister to learn how to access the astral plane, I'll get a nice reward, probably. I have a bad feeling about this...
** this makes 100 quests!
* 15:34: Wrote some poetic verses about my journey. They were too good to keep for myself, so I performed them in front of an adoring audience of peasants. They said I have talent.
** Hoping food will fall from the sky and gold coins will grow on trees...
** Telling stories about her heroic deeds...
** Eating a forbidden fruit....
* 15:07: Quest to 'find my lost marbles' was a triumph! I'm making a note here: huge success. Got a golden brick.
* 15:07: Finally found some marbles. Everyone still seems to think they're lost, though!
* 14:58: I've always wondered... Why does everyone want to kill me? Am I that annoying, my Lady? Please tell me I'm not! Please!
* 13:47: Sometimes I feel that life is an endless series of quests.
* 13:38: I'm feeling a little paranoid. Every time I leave town I get attacked by monsters.
* 12:55: Rested. Now it's time to get back to business.
* 12:54: Tried asking the local doctor out on a date, but got a very painful injection instead.
* 12:54: Sweetster was removed from my potential threats list. He will remember not to stand in my way again.
* 12:54: Notes from arena battle: Sweetster begs for mercy. Pro Tagonist definitely fulfilled her god's expectations today! The winner got richer by 1086 gold coins and a golden brick.
* 12:33: Notes from arena battle: In the red corner of the arena — Pro Tagonist. In the blue corner — Sweetster. The judge gives the go-ahead and the duel begins!
* 12:32: Almost instantly after teleporting to the Godville Arena, the sky began raining trophies. I added a hallpass, a gilded fleece, and an escape key to my bag.
* 12:32: The earth shook, the wind whistled in my ears, I spun and landed in the center of the arena... My Goddess, I know what you mean! Hey, greenhorns, wanna fight?
* 11:37: Sneezy sat aside to watch my epic battle with the monster. You're so worthless, rocky raccoon.
* 10:03: Stumbled across a sign that read: 'Ignore these four words.'
* 08:39: Hopkinton Rhubarb III suddenly rushed past me, barked “Hi”, and finished off the Zombo-Wirt. I'd better make more friends, it seems they can come in handy sometimes.
* 06:39: Felt a burning desire to disassemble the mystery box. Found a notarized document inside stating that I've died fewer times than I thought. Splendid.
* 06:16: I feel like Sneezy is trying to tell me something. I wonder, what exactly could it be?
* 19:56: Writing this diary entry with a broken pencil. It's pointless.
* 19:53: What did I just step in? Oh, never mind.
* 16:12: Ogled at a black creature covered in caution tape. It seemed like something I should avoid.
* 14:17: Found a new quest written on the billboard near the town hall: look a gift horse in the mouth.
* 14:11: Had some fun at the 'Progress Bar.' Spent 405 coins.
** Stocking up on cosmetics for the journey ahead...
** Flirting with anyone who accidentally makes eye contact...
** Hoping food will fall from the sky...
* 14:05: Thought that maybe I should try dating some fellow adventurers. Trouble is, they all seem to be too busy writing in their diaries. Losers.
* 13:43: I'm back in town! Home sweet home!
* 13:42: Hunted down some evil witches in exchange for 122 gold coins from the local church.
* 13:39: Attaching the recently buttered toast to the bottom of my sandals gave me the power of levitation. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.
* 13:35: Heard a bloodcurdling scream. Good thing I don't have much blood left to be curdled.
* 13:32: I almost got killed by a shooting star.
* 13:28: Saw lightning bolts on the horizon and a hero trying to avoid the wrath of his god. Poor guy... Our relationship, Almighty One, is much better - complete harmony and understanding.
* 13:25: Hope that I won't have to make an appointment at a local cloister to learn how to access the astral plane again. But the reward was good: an extra dose of experience and a shiny golden brick!
* 13:25: Lady, I'm going to the astral plane, don't expect me back too soon!
* 13:25: Felt itchy. Scratched.
* 06:08: Almighty, I've chanted prayers for so long that my tongue has knotted! Hab du pfursakn be?
* 06:06: Accidentally knocked over a holy relic inside the temple. Quickly swept the shards under the carpet before any divine being could notice.
* 06:05: I was resurrected in a city temple by the will of the Almighty. Thank you, Great One!
* 04:53: Mighty One, I'm dead! Don't you know any cheat codes?...
* 02:46: Time... is... passing... so... slowly...
* 02:12: I have decided to not see death as the end but rather a more effective way of cutting down on my expenses.
* 02:02: That does it! Great One, can you make me a bird in my next life?
* 01:57: What a nice day to die... Asked the Angry Bird to tell the Great One that I love her.
* 01:57: MEDIC! I need a medic over here!
* 01:52: Sneezy came closer and started licking my wounds. Suddenly I felt better, even without all these sword-puncture sessions.
* 17:58: A strange man with a floating exclamation mark above his head told me to make an appointment at a local cloister to learn how to access the astral plane.

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