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Molotov's Cocktail Bar

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The owner Molotov goes by the principle that he is there to make money, not advise people to drink 'responsibly', and as an escape route for if the cops ever do come after him, all of his brews are called "Responsibly" followed by a number referring to their alcoholic strength. This is so that everyone in his bar is quite literally "drinking responsibly." He will serve anybody, even if they are wearing a nappy and can't talk, if they can pay and are going to be drunk enough to confess to lying about their age if they are caught. The name attracts rich merchants who are looking for somewhere posh to drink. However they soon find themselves In deep trouble and are forced to part with their cash. [[Heroes]] are advised to only spend the night in Molotov's if they are absolutely sure that they are safe and to always sleep with their weapon in reach. And the door locked. And the windows barred. And a pile of gold nearby to pay off any would-be attackers.

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