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<div style="float:left;margin:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">[[File:Dreaded Gazebo.jpg|150px|Hawker]]</div>
The Dreaded Gazebo haunts gardens and other well pruned areas. It loves silently existing in beautiful gardens with fancy cobbled paths leading to it. Especially attracted to fruit trees, the Dreaded Gazebo will spend many hours sitting among blossoming flowers and fallen, rotting fruit. It doesn'''New Times Roman''' (romanus novus tempus) t do much else. After all, it is a monsterGazebo, Eric. It is a Roman legion soldier who However, due to immense misunderstanding (stupidity for heroes), the poor, inanimate Gazebo has found his way to Godville but is erroneously labeled as a monster because of taken on a lack of a god in Godvillemuch more sinister form.
([[New Times RomanDreaded Gazebo|'''more...''']])
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