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Dreaded Gazebo

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{{pet|image=Dreaded Gazebo.jpg|class=Building|habitat=Gardens and parks|description=Inanimate structure/Psychological construct | levels = 70-91? | rattle = ''I am Awakened'' |feature = }}  The '''Dreaded Gazebo''' (''Gazebo metuendaque'' "dreaded gazebo") is unassuming but deadly.
'''''You've awakened the Gazebo...'''''
Despite their inanimate properties, Dreaded Gazebos often get lonely and will try to kidnap a hero, because a Gazebo is not a Gazebo until someone is sitting in it, admiring the view. Heroes, thinking the Gazebo is a powerful monster, will often accept the strange offer, and attempt to ride them across Godville. Several skeletons have been found in Dreaded Gazebos because heroes have starved to death waiting for their pet to reach Herolympus. However, they never do. Why? Because... It's a Gazebo. This has probably accentuated the rumors and fear of Gazebo kind, when a fretful hero sees several skeletons sitting in a Dreaded Gazebo which never actually moved.
But the legacy never fades, and Dreaded Gazebos retain their horrifying reputations as devourers of herokind. Perhaps, someday, heroes and Gazebos can live in peace without the killing, kidnapping, and starving, but until that day... We '''Beware the Gazebo'''. ''And we blame you Eric''.
* It's a Gazebo... * Immune to +3 arrows(even a +10 arrow)
* Comfortable seats and shade to lure heroes in
* Distracting and breathtaking views
* Doesn't feel painCannot be detected good nor evil, an amoral killer* Once engaged, it cannot be escaped
* It's a Gazebo...
* Susceptible to axes crazy singing lumberjacks and termite infestations* It's inanimate, so it can't do much* Fire mages and fire spellsand loneliness* Entropy (just wait fifty years, it may rot)
[[File:Gazebo Follows.jpg|250px|center]]

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