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Sawed-off sword

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[[File:{{equipment|image=sawedoffsword.jpg|thumb|250px|left|altcaption=Sawed Off Sword.|Commonly used Sawed-off Sword]] Type: |type= Weapon Durability: |durability=+13|description= Not a half-killing sword.}}
The Sawed-off sword started as a joke. Three heroes were out hunting. Two of them had shotguns, which were appropriately sawed off. The third, however had a sword. One of the heroes filed a complaint to the admins, claiming that all hunting weapons must be sawed off. After a long debate, the admins decided that they had a point. Disregarding the fact that no one had sawed-off rifles, the heroes sword became a sawed off sword. Due to RPG logic, the sword losing half its blade increased it's durability and changed its item name. He quickly alerted his guild leader, who began mass producing these Sawed-off swords and selling them to newbies.
The benefits benefit of sawed-off sword is being more concealable. Monsters often attack heroes thinking that they are walking with no weapon only to be slain after the heroes pull the sawed-off swords under their coat. Small and easy to carry, it became popular weapon among heroes who prefer agility to be put in their non-existent stats.
Do not saw the sword further below the legal limit in Godville's Weaponry Policy (18 inches or around 45cm). Use whetstone to maintain sharpness.
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''Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Concealing item under coat is not recommended as it may inflict injury.''

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