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Since level 18
==Level 22==
* 14:42: Stopped to feed and groom my pet. Sneezy purred excitedly in anticipation of the combing.
* 14:21: My wounds are healing, the holes in my outfit are disappearing, and even my pathetic life is starting to look better. My Lady, I think I shall do something great and stupid in your honor!
* 09:06: Suddenly felt an urge to examine the continuum transfunctioner. There was nothing inside, but I managed to get 2992 experience points in the process.
* 04:41: I was walking along a path when I noticed a long trail of wilted flowers behind me... I believe it's time I took a bath.
* 03:16: Quest to 'mow the surrounding lawn' is completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck.
* 03:16: Well, I guess there isn't a creature over three inches tall left now.
* 22:35: Note to self: Don't join dangerous cults - practice safe sects!
* 11:56: Entered a bamboo grove to get some rest and met Hrun there. Drank from a mug to celebrate the lucky meeting and smoked a peace-pipe. Lost track of time.
* 07:06: It's amazing how much I write in this thing!
* 22:01: Ran into Hopkinton Rhubarb III. He distracted the monster with some magic tricks, giving me time for a quick prayer.

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