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Juliana the Divine

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| hero = Nathalia the Eternal
| motto = This is Wild Seven!| personality = Pure Good!Neutral| guild = Wild Seven| position = Advisor
==Julia Juliana the Divine's Story==
''Not very long ago on the divergent zone of Godville, a new goddess was born. But this was no ordinary goddes you might see everywhere! Julia lived in a time of poverty and was raised as any other goddess, but at the age of 3 days, something wonderful happened! Something to never forget.''
==The driving force of Julia the Divine==
Hey there i am JuliaJuliana, 23 26 years old and live in western europe.
What do i like to do? Gaming, keeping track of stats, travelling with the train and working.
What do i do (Work)? I work as a warehouse worker.
What is the most fun thing i have seen on godville: That my hero keeps failing and digging up moles.
Is there anything godville can improve upon? Yep, they can make a widget for quickly seeing what is happening.

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