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Level 22
Since level 18
==Level 22==
* 22:35: Note to self: Don't join dangerous cults - practice safe sects!
* 22:30: For a huge pile of gold coins I bought just one single golden brick. But it was worth every coin! I must say that this is the perfect form for each and every lump of gold.
* 22:28: I'm so broke, I can't even afford to pay attention.
* 13:04: A suspicious stranger told me that if I mow the surrounding lawn, I'll get a nice reward, probably. I have a bad feeling about this...
* 12:31: I've managed to find the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything somehow. Found a chest full of money. Gonna go and bust a move.
* 12:31: Don't panic. Here is the answer.
* 12:07: Gdawg ran out of the bushes shouting, "Pro Tagonist, I'm coming!", tripped and rolled head over heels into the gully. Well, you know what they say - if you want something done right, do it yourself.
* 11:59: Sneezy suddenly stood to attention and meowed. Then he rushed into the bushes and pulled out a chastity belt spanner. What a clever pet!
* 11:56: Entered a bamboo grove to get some rest and met Hrun there. Drank from a mug to celebrate the lucky meeting and smoked a peace-pipe. Lost track of time.
* 07:06: It's amazing how much I write in this thing!
* 22:01: Ran into Hopkinton Rhubarb III. He distracted the monster with some magic tricks, giving me time for a quick prayer.

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