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| latin = Felis bureau-catus
| class = Animal
| description = Highly organized feline
The '''Bureau-cat Cat''' (''Felis Bureaubureau-catus'') is a [[monster]] that is obsessed with order and paperwork. During combat, a Bureau-cat Cat will often pause to ''cat''alog (a <ref>A common joke used by the ''Felis Bureau-catus) ''.</ref> the fight and their opponent. This makes escape and attacks simple if timed correctly.
== History ==
Despite the fact that Bureau-Cats are well and thoroughly organized, their history is unusually vague and sparsely documented. They're known to dispose of documents that are deemed unnecessary or too old, which are either sold or overwritten. Luckily, some of these documents have been recovered from the pockets of heroes, so a somewhat complete story can be put together.
=== The Incomplete Origins ===
A long time ago, an unnamed bureaucrat slighted the {{hero or heroine}} of a powerful deity inside the town of [[Tradeburg]]. Once their {{god or goddess | invert=yes}} took notice of said wrongdoing, {{he or she | invert=yes}} sought vengeance for {{his or her | inverted=yes}} cherished {{hero or heroine}}. After many, ''many'' attempts to coax them back to Tradeburg, the {{god or goddess | invert=yes}} was able to find and punish the bureaucrat. The resulting [[godpower]] smite, however, didn't destroy {{him or her}}. Instead, {{he or she}} transformed into the first Bureau-Cat.
Further documents describing the rise of Bureau-Cat population have yet to be found. However, it can be theorized that similar circumstances would increase the amount of Bureau-Cats up to the point at which they could reproduce normally.
== Attributes ==
Highly organized- will remember and take notes on an opponent's attack style and reasonable counter-attacks
Cute and fluffy- the Felis Bureau-catus' physical appearance may inhibit combat in more emotional foes
=== Strengths ===* '''Highly organized''' &mdash; will remember and take notes on an opponent's attack style and reasonable counter-attacks* '''Cute and fluffy''' &mdash; the ''Felis Bureau-catus'''physical appearance may inhibit combat in more emotional foes === Weaknesses:===* ''' Weighed by paperwork- ''' &mdash; the Bureau-cat Cat will often stop combat to organize * '''Subject to review- ''' &mdash; all Bureau-cats must be double -checked by their peers, often making any action incredibly slow to be authorized * '''Distraction- ''' &mdash; any string, yarn, catnip, etc. will serve well to distract the ''Felis Bureau-catus'' ==Footnotes==<references /> {{Navbox cats}}{{Navbox JanuWiki 2019}}

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