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Feather Mail

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Wandering the Map
#Islands giving gp will give 23-46gp†
#Reefs (⁂) can give 3-5hp damage. Damage varies from reef to reef, but a single reef will deal the same amount of damage every time it is sailed over.
#Whirlpools (🌀) will cause 10-15 damage to go through. Going through a whirlpool you have just come through may result in returning to your previous location or to another whirlpool on the map. There are 4 whirlpools per map, but only 3 on a hurry sail.
#The lower a ship’s health, the more likely it will navigate away from reefs automatically.
#If you touch two islands at the same time, the order is random, unless you send a directional command to select an island.

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