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* <span id="Approval">Diary: 1924</span>
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|| 06/23/16 || A mushroom cloud erupted from a hilltop and morphed into the words, “god_phrase”.
|| 09/08/16 || Paid %gold% for a magical pet-training potion that I can spray at %pet_name% whenever he does something bad. This is going to be fun!
|| 12/09/16 || Heard a monk grumble, “%god_phrase%.” It's amazing what you can overhear when people think you've dozed off.
|| 01/17/17 || Sitting here watching %pet_name% sleep, wondering how I ended up on watch duty...
|| 02/01/17 || Channeled all my happy thoughts into the %monster% until clouds of rainbows and glitter erupted out of its ears.
|| 02/01/17 || A lit candle appeared above my head as I suddenly thought of a better way to %quest%.

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