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The Burninators

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Defunct guild it seems
{{Delete guild}}[[File:trogdor.gif|350px320px|left]] 
| motto = Fuhugugheiz
| founded = April 25, 2011
| pantheon = 127140
| town = Beerburgh
| perc = 0
| alignment = True Brightness!
| gold = 226189
| founder = DwB
== The purpose of The Burninators ==
The Burninators was founded to pay homage to the most awesome being ever, Trogdor the Burninator.
In his spare time, Trogdor would burn everything in sight; peasentspeasants, thatch-roofed cottages, etc.
Trogdor was a, he was a dragon man....well, maybe he was just a dragon. But he was always Trogdor.
== List of proud Burninators ==
This is the active roster of those "Tuff Enuff" to be a true Burninator...or were just randomly placed there by the server.
{{god|Mr Pain}}
This is in alphabetical order and is in no way a gauge of best-to-worst, for the best is the Leader, the originator, the man who started it all (other than Trogdor hisself)...{{god|Mr Pain}}.
       THE ENDJust to reiderate, {{god|Mr Pain}} is the leader, and most burninating.

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