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Level 21
=Memorable diary entries by Pro Tagonist=
Since level 18
==Level 22==
* 01:21: Achieved Level 22
==Level 21==
* 22:02: Found a new quest written on the billboard near the town hall: summon an evil demon and tease it by calling it names and sticking out my tongue.
* 22:02: I left my prayer book somewhere, so I had to improvise. I hope my prayer wasn't that bad.
* 22:00: Lit a candle for the peace of slaughtered monsters' souls.
* 21:58: I had a dream - I was sitting in a stuffy, overcrowded office doing useless and tedious things. Exalted One, that was really horrible.
* 21:56: Had a good rest.
* Slowly regaining unconsciousness...
* 21:28: Hope that I won't have to grant political asylum to the dethroned king from the neighbor country again. But the reward was good: an extra dose of experience and a shiny golden brick!
* 21:28: I think that this jerry-built shack will be great for His Dethroned Majesty.
* 19:15: Dirtface was removed from my potential threats list. He will remember not to stand in my way again.
* 19:15: Notes from arena battle: Dirtface begs for mercy. Pro Tagonist definitely fulfilled her god's expectations today! The winner receives a golden brick and 622 gold coins.
* 19:02: Notes from arena battle: In the red corner of the arena — Pro Tagonist. In the blue corner — Dirtface. The judge gives the go-ahead and the duel begins!
* 19:02: Time to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Hey, greenhorns, wanna fight?
* 19:01: A stranger came close to me and whispered: 'Never talk to strangers.'
* 19:00: My pockets are packed to the brim. Need to unload them in town.
* 18:17: Wanted to see time fly, so I threw a clock. It wasn't as much fun as I've been told.
* 14:23: Nobody told me that there'd be days like these.
* 14:17: Attempted to be witty.
* 09:58: Attaching the recently buttered toast to the bottom of my sandals gave me the power of levitation. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.
* 08:13: Felt a burning desire to disassemble the deus ex machina. Found a notarized document inside stating that I've died fewer times than I thought. Nice.
* 08:03: Helped a wandering yogi untangle his feet from behind his neck.
* 07:36: The mayor of the town asked me to grant political asylum to the dethroned king from the neighbor country. I sense profit!
* 07:20: Did the hokey pokey and turned myself around... Drat! Now I'm not sure which direction I was going...
* 07:04: Quest to 'pin the tail on the donkey' is completed! Got a pot of gold. Let's go on a shopping spree!
* 07:04: I did it! The poor donkey ran away with a tail on it's head.
* 19:22: Seriously considered procrastinating, but decided to put it off until later.

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