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Level 21
Since level 18
==Level 21==
* 19:22: Seriously considered procrastinating, but decided to put it off until later.
* 18:57: It is said that pets are like their owners. I'm watching mine and don't want to believe that.
* 16:20: An old mage asked me to pin the tail on the donkey. Well, that shouldn't be too hard.
* 15:45: Quest to 'determine the terminal airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow' was completed with excellence! Got a shiny golden brick and felt great about it.
* 15:45: Darn, I forgot to ask whether it's an African swallow or a European swallow.
* 09:31: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it's a dragon. I'll just run away now.
* 08:44: It turns out that a rocky raccoon sure can come in handy! Who knew they were so good at fetching beers?
* 08:37: What's the deal, Mighty One? I passed another coffee shop with a mermaid sign. That's like five in a row.
* 07:10: Sorry this is such a one-sided conversation, Great One. How was your day?
* 07:07: Saw a pack of rabid fanboys. I made sure to keep my distance from them.
* 21:58: Sneezy buried the "Watchmen" guild membership card that he found. Was that his way of showing contempt for that guild?

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