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Level 21
Since level 18
==Level 21==
* 21:58: Sneezy buried the "Watchmen" guild membership card that he found. Was that his way of showing contempt for that guild?
* 21:47: Accidentally burned down a magical forest. Oops.
* 21:13: The captain of the city guard ordered me to determine the terminal airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. Sir, yes, sir!
* 21:06: I didn't know that Sneezy hisses disgustingly while he sleeps. What a silly pet.
* 20:41: Quest to 'take part in the search for the Holy Packet' is completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck.
* 20:41: I doubt they search for it in the right way. It might be better to ping at least...
* 14:46: Mortsouhait has been defeated. And so it will be with all the others!
* 14:45: Notes from arena battle: Mortsouhait begs for mercy. Pro Tagonist definitely fulfilled her god's expectations today! The winner got richer by 2 gold coins and a golden brick.
* 14:27: Notes from arena battle: Pro Tagonist and Mortsouhait look at each other appraisingly. The audience watches with anticipation.
* 14:22: My vision suddenly went dark and my ears began to pound... Once I had recovered, I found myself at the center of an arena with a strong desire to kick some butt in the name of the Almighty!
* 09:23: Found a new quest written on the billboard near the town hall: take part in the search for the Holy Packet.
* 08:47: Quest to 'find the middle of nowhere' is completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck.
* 19:13: Entered a bamboo grove to get some rest and met Takeshii there. Drank from a mug to celebrate the lucky meeting and smoked a peace-pipe. Lost track of time.
* 19:04: I ran into a brick wall with half-faded words written on it: 'please can you stop dying all the time?! thank you.'
* 18:24: The captain of the city guard ordered me to find the middle of nowhere. Sir, yes, sir!
* 05:02: A strange man with a floating exclamation mark above his head told me to roll a rock up a hill.
* ''04:27: quest completed''
* 21:40: Severed a piece of the monster to check out what was inside. Unfortunately, there was no candy.
* 19:57: Tried to hypnotize the trader with a swinging pendulum. Hmm, suddenly I'm getting awfully sleepy...
* 18:51: The local sheriff asked me to discover who sits at the head of the Round Table. I don't want to go to jail, so I'd better do it.
* 18:47: I had a dream - I was sitting in a stuffy, overcrowded office doing useless and tedious things. Great One, that was really horrible.
* 18:27: Just beat a mime at a game of charades.
* 18:18: I have successfully completed my quest to 'kill ten boars', yet nothing has happened.
* 18:18: Couldn't find any boars, yet have chopped plenty of other brutes.
* 13:23: Found a mountain cave that had been ransacked by clowns. I took some beer from a blood-covered barrel. I think I saw some cat corpses too.
* 11:03: Oh Great One, is there any hope of me becoming famous one day?
* 10:01: During a rest by the wayside, met Takeshii and borrowed his diary to read. The writing is so similar... We're obviously soulmates.
* 09:56: Participated in a banana-throwing contest with the local monkeys. Now I'm "fruited up" beyond all recognition.
* 09:42: Bought off the monster with a gold piece.
* 09:34: Studied the gift of fate, pulled the imperceptible ring... and it disappeared with a clap. Hey, where's my gift?
* 04:26: Quest to 'find a ghost in the shell and perform a rite of exorcism' is completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck.
* 04:26: I bruised him a little, crumpled his helm and wrote some ribald runes on the cuirass. Maybe he was not such a ghost, but it is hard to judge through the shell.
* 00:22: Sneezy almost fell off a cliff chasing a flock of lemmings. Oh, what if he had fallen?
* 22:46: I remember tons of booze, more booze and... yeah. Now I'm missing 2676 coins from my purse. My goddess, I really should give up drinking.
* 21:37: Learned new skill: “strong brow”!
* 21:37: Hooray! I've reached level 21!
==Level 20==

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