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Double Dragon

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| image = Youngdoubledragon.jpg
| description = Two headed alcoholic heroic dragon
| habitat = Mountain Caves
| class = Dragon
| latin = Draconis dicephalic | levels = 50–6550–74
| feature = Riding
The '''Double Dragon''' (''Draconis dicephalic'' "two-headed dragon") is one of the strangest and most feared [[monsters]] in all of [[Godville]]. However, they are also well-known for their wisdom and honor, and will occasionally become a [[pet]] of the most powerful heroes.  == General Information == If one could combine the strength of a dragon, the intelligence of a Dolphin, and the heads of a hydra, the outcome would be this monster. A '''Double Dragon ''' is one of the most unique beasts for its intelligence is just as formidable as its raw power. Unlike other behemoths, this one has the smarts to match wits with even the brightest Chessmaster.  The Double Dragon has a wide variety of offensive and defensive options, and most of them can be performed at once due to its two brains. By prioritizing defense in one head and offense in the other, Double Dragons leave NO openings for an enemy to land an attack. The only course of action would be to try to get the heads to argue; They are essentially siblings after all. Double Dragons usually prefer to eat other monsters of its size, but it won't have mercy if challenged to a fight. [[Heroes]] would be wise to simply leave one alone if they see it.
Unfortunately, it is rumored that their wisdom and honor is nothing but an elaborate facade. The dragon may befriend mighty heroes in order to have better understanding of how to painfully and ironically kill them later at an inopportune time. Also, they are rumored to be very passive-aggressive and as they secretly use their great wisdom to plot newer and more expensive ways to trick heroes into spending gold in upkeep and grooming.
Double Dragons are two headed dragons. They come in the dark royal shades; green, blue, red, even black, and occasionally even a white is born. Truly the most powerful are the rarest of the breed, the deep, dark purple.
[[File:Seniordoubledragon.jpg|left|thumb|300px|A senior double dragon celebrating his 1800th birthday!]]
==Life and Growth (Shrinkage)== 
Double Dragons have also been historically known as "Merlin Lizards". This is due to the fact that, like the fabled wizard, Double Dragons appear to move backward in time. They are their largest size (over 300 feet tall) when first born. However, at this age, they are also relatively stupid and powerless. If you are foolish enough to want to fight one, your best chance is when they are large enough to pick you up and dress you in silly outfits.
It has been theorized that Double Dragons continue to shrink until they are microscopic and infinitely powerful, at which point their actions are unseen, unpredictable, but radically change the course of the world, such as triple tornados, or 'Krakatoa'. Believers in this philosophy often refer to these microscopic dragon forces as "[[Probability|The Great Random]]".
==As Pets==
[[Heroes]] strong enough to tame a double dragon as a pet, will find these monsters to be powerful (if frustrating and insanely expensive) allies. And there is definitely something about being carried into town on the back of a 2-inch lizard that always impresses the villagers.
===Leveling up===
Interestingly, being tamed by a Hero and kept as a pet seems to partly reverse the double dragon's aging process. As the pet double dragon gains in [[Pet Levels|levels]], they will (like any other pet) grow larger, instead of shrinking as one would observe in their normal aging.
{{diary|text = 09:08 Baloo just shed his skin! Wait, does a double dragon do that? Anyway, he looks bigger, meaner and cleaner now.}}
Double Dragons love the mountains for their rich supply of caves, particularly the ''Jagged Peaks''. The ''Cave of the Weak Witted Oracle'' is their nesting site until old enough to fly. Inside the caves, they eat any beast roaming and wash them down with liquid nitrate.
==Attributes=='''=== Strengths:'''===
* Gets stronger and harder to detect with age
* High-Invulnerability
'''=== Weaknesses:'''===
* Tends to argue with itself, a lot
* Highly hydrophobic due to an accident involving lightning breath, seawater, and half of their species
* According to certain theory, shrinking for infinite time will make the dragon smaller and smaller, thus increasing its density to infinity and creating a black hole, or becoming so heavy that it will cut through everything down the earth until it gets to the center.
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