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{{Usergoddess | 240px | avatar = PogoPogoGoddess.jpg | heroine = Ash Corde | motto = ƒreedom is an illusion. | guild = The Forsakens Lament | rank = Matriarch | personality = Don't ask Pretender. | town = Godville | }}Imagine something for me. Close your eyes. Listen close. My voice is in your ears; let it lead you forward. Imagine.
You're young again, or perhaps you always were. Your hands are small, chubby little things, grabbing on to anything in reach. Mouth aching from new teeth, you jam the strangest things between your lips, and your giggling is heaven itself to your parents. You are loved, and you are warm, swaddled in a blanket sewed by your own grandmother; you can picture her wizened hands, tangled in yarn, working the needle as she spins you a tale of heroes and dragons. You even have a younger sister, though her eyes never worked like yours do. The two of you share everything, and you tell her about the colors she's never been able to see. Hours are spent outside, in the sun, running about in the grasses. There's nothing you want more from life; you are content.

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