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Memorable diary entries by Pro Tagonist
=Memorable diary entries by Pro Tagonist=
Since level 18
==Level 21==
* 22:46: I remember tons of booze, more booze and... yeah. Now I'm missing 2676 coins from my purse. My goddess, I really should give up drinking.
* 22:07: Hmm, Sneezy the rocky raccoon... The name doesn't exactly strike fear into your heart. Maybe I should have called him Disgusting Murdersquito?
* 21:40: Suddenly felt a strong desire to examine the box with a question mark. My senses didn't let me down — found 4948 coins inside!
* 21:37: Learned new skill: “strong brow”!
* 21:37: Hooray! I've reached level 21!
==Level 20==

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