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Level 20
Since level 18
==Level 20==
* 21:32: I fell off a cliff and discovered gravity. Again.
* 20:29: Sneezy refuses to pull the cart that I found in a ravine. Naughty rocky raccoon! Now I have to leave a perfectly good cart on the road.
* 20:27: A swarm of pretty warblers came out of nowhere and landed on me. Great One, could you please stop with these special effects and make yourself useful?
* 20:04: Hmm, Sneezy the rocky raccoon... The name doesn't exactly strike fear into your heart. Maybe I should have called him Sovellis?
* Searching for the right path by yelling 'Marco' while heading towards the 'Polo'....
* 19:43: Found out that toxic waste doesn't give superpowers.
* 19:10: The trader was so surprised to see the indifference engine, he immediately gave me 644 gold coins for the worthless thing. To the tavern!
* 19:05: Strange words came in a puff of smoke: 'You can best praise me by this: go out and learn something new!'
* 19:05: Jokers revenge has been defeated. And so it will be with all the others!
* 19:05: Notes from arena battle: Jokers revenge is unconscious. Pro Tagonist successfully fulfilled the plan of praising her deity! The winner got richer by 918 gold coins and a golden brick.
* 18:49: Notes from arena battle: In the red corner of the arena — Jokers revenge. In the blue corner — Pro Tagonist. The judge gives the go-ahead and the duel begins!
* 18:48: Searched through the pockets of my suddenly uncomfortable clothes and discovered a hallpass, an empty cookie jar, and a one-eyed skull under my armor. I have no idea how these things got here, but I'm sure they will come in handy.
* 18:48: Time to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Hey, greenhorns, wanna fight?
* 18:43: Sneezy fetched a dead rat from somewhere and proudly laid it at my feet. What is this? A sacrifice?
* 18:36: The lady in the lake kept beckoning me towards her. Weirdo...
* 18:32: Sneezy is a good companion to me. He even licked my wounds clean after the last battle. Either that or I forgot to feed him...
* 18:31: Just saw a woodchuck chucking wood. Hmm...
* 14:30: Found a new quest written on the billboard near the town hall: find a ghost in the shell and perform a rite of exorcism.
* 14:30: I beg thee, Omnipotent One! Heal my hangover and punish those cats that were screaming last night. Here is something for you — 102 coins.
* 14:25: Awoke with the head of a horse in my bed... What the heck happened last night?
* 14:24: I didn't know that Sneezy roars while he sleeps. What a silly pet.
* 14:24: Had a good rest.
* 13:56: Quest to 'replace Adam's apple with a pear' was completed with excellence! Got a shiny golden brick and felt great about it.
* 13:55: Sneezy suddenly stood to attention and meowed. Then he rushed into the bushes and pulled out a figure of speech. What a clever pet!
** ''meowed??''
* 22:01: Hmm, Sneezy the rocky raccoon... The name doesn't exactly strike fear into your heart. Maybe I should have called him Lode Runner?

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