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= Satirus =
One day, RussleJimJams grew so bored that not even Canptain Tapeball could help. RussleJimJams was so overcome with boredom that he found himself on an entirely new plane, The Great Jungle of Google Play. Wandering the somewhat familiar, but ever changing plane, he searched for a means of distraction and entertainment. He challenged games like 2048, Downhill Racing, and Mega Miner, but all failed to pro e themselves against the formidable boredom. Falling ever depper into the boredom, RussleJimJams continued his search. Eventually, he stumbled upon a button that would download him into Godville. Deciding that it sounded like an escape from boredom, he pressed it. Finding himself in a new plane, he found himself staring down at a dumb little hero worshipping at an altar. He would name this little hero Satirus.
== From the Diary ==

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