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Canptain Tapeball
''(To do: Description/story about Canptain Tapeball, his origin is real life, his thematic origin, or anything else about him.)''
Before RussleJimJams' presence as one of the gods of Godville, RussleJimJams created a hero of his own on the Astral plane. This hero was a defender of the mind whose purpose was to stave off boredom and inactivity. From the dark lands of the supply cabinet, RussleJimJams sculpted his head using Scotch tape, his body using wire, and his arms from the swag table at a convention. Only Once his body was constructed, RussleJimJams gave life to Canptain Tapeball by giving him the holiest of beverages, a can of beer, and . He then used the empty can to fashion a sword and shield. Since his creation, Canptain Tapeball has diligently watched over his creator, staving off boredom as it rears its ugly head. Although Canptain Tapeball has proven himself a worthy defender, the fates fortold of another who would become RussleJimJams' champion and one day go on to fight The Three Teachers.
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