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[[File:ExecutionSwordbyDarkArts.jpg|right|200px|Execution Sword]]
In the end, RussleJimJams had been the one to fatefully cause the demise of the king. Though RussleJimJams is a fairly kind and benevolent god, he occasionally gets restless. The war between the two nations was incited by RussleJimJams' as a small part of The Great Rustling. Before Edwards betrayed his country of Quakan, RussleJimJams wreaked havoc on the neighboring country of Plalet. RussleJimJams, like his hero [[Satirus]], loves beer and good beer is cold beer. RussleJimJams left a lot of his beer in Plalet since he was going on vacation, so he turned the temperature down. By the time he got back, entire towns had starved because it was too cold for crops to grow. Since the people were distraught over the famine and losing faith in RussleJimJams, he decided that they needed to take their food from somewhere else. The easiest somewhere else was Glendale, so RussleJimJams got to work. He searched high and low for a way to get the riches of Glendale to the people of Plalet. Most traders wouldn't go to Plalet because the icy roads were treacherous and the people there had no notable goods to trade for. Eventually, RussleJimJams decided that if the people wanted food, they'd have to take it. In the king's court, RussleJimJams found Edwards, an unremarkable royal boy with an itch to prove his worth. He persuaded Edwards that by helping the Plalets invade Glendale, that he'd earn himself a glorious name among the people for reclaiming the city of Glendale from the foreign invaders. After the city of Glendale had been sacked, the Plalets' hunger drove them further. They drove into the town of Willowbend as well, this time killing many who refused to run away. Alas, the time came for RussleJimJams to turn the tide back against the Plalets. When Willowbend was retaken by Edward's forces, many Plalets saw this as the end of their conquest for food for their families and went home. Those who refused to give up entirely either died or retreated to Glendale. Soon, Glendale fell as well to Edward's forces. The war seemed to be over. After the war, word of Edward's betrayal got out and the people called for blood. In the end, King Alamax fell victim to his own people and prince Edward only days later. Princess Eleanor continued on to give birth to a baby boy, named Phillip, but died shortly after childbirth. The kingdom, distraught with feelings of betrayal, confusion, and hopelessness sunk into a pit of violence and chaos. Phillip was taken in by the baron of Arubature and was declared to become king on his fifteenth birthday. Unfortunately, Phillip fell ill to Typhoid Fever and died when he was seven. After his death, the country was divided and fought fiercely over who would succeed the throne. RussleJimJams, content with the episode of drama and chaos that had ensued, decided it was time to remedy the situation. RussleJimJams crafted the Execution Sword by downloading it from his web browser and declared that whoever should find it would be fit to rule. Since then, RussleJimJams has never returned to Quakan or Plalet and doesn't really care who found the sword.
== Canptain Tapeball ==
To do: Description/story about Canptain Tapeball, his origin is real life, his thematic origin, or anything else about him.
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