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* 08:16: Found an atheist in a foxhole.
* ''[Today, I had to flee from 2 Firefoxes: One was drunk, the other adjective-less.]''
* 21:37: Tried to climb a social ladder but ran into a glass ceiling.
* 21:16: Hopkinton Rhubarb III took the monster aside, giving me plenty of time to get away. Don't worry Cod of War, I'll get you next time!
* 06:09: I guess I'll never figure out how to become the 263rd member of "The Old Gods" guild. Whatever. I'll find something else to do.
* 06:09: A voice from the skies shouted: 'Cancel this quest.' Funny.
* 21:45: Felt adventurous and took the path less traveled, but turned back after having so much trouble walking through the tall grass and weeds.

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