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Level 20
Since level 18
==Level 20==
* 22:01: Hmm, Sneezy the rocky raccoon... The name doesn't exactly strike fear into your heart. Maybe I should have called him Lode Runner?
* 21:51: I've managed to rub someone the wrong way. My titanic efforts were rewarded with a golden brick and some pocket change!
* 21:39: My Goddess, I prayed and spent 86 gold coins on you... Why don't you pray and spend money on me?
* 20:22: Entered a bamboo grove to get some rest and met Hopkinton Rhubarb III there. Drank from a mug to celebrate the lucky meeting and smoked a peace-pipe. Lost track of time.
* 19:17: Feeling weak, I used up my flask of living water. But instead of feeling better, I suddenly felt more experienced. I'd better start paying more attention to the labels when I buy this kind of stuff...
* 17:05: Very well then, I shall pray to not become prey.
* 17:05: Found a floating bottle with a message inside that read 'Sacrifice and pray to me.' Odd, considering I was nowhere near a body of water. Great One, was that you?
* “Oh, what an interesting little thing...”
* 17:01: Suddenly felt a strong urge to open the deus ex machina. I shouldn't have opened it — there was a note inside saying that 777 points of my experience were achieved by dishonest means and would be confiscated until better times.
* 15:48: I almost got killed by a shooting star. Thankfully, it ran out of ammo.
* 15:45: Gave a one armed man a hand.
* 14:19: A traveling wizard showed me a game that plays itself. What a dumb waste of time.
* 14:07: "Sneezy the rocky raccoon" sounds distinguished, doesn't it? My Lady, do you like my pet?
* Got thrown in jail for opening a community chest...
* 12:19: Felt a burning desire to disassemble the box with a question mark. Found a notarized document inside stating that I've died fewer times than I thought. Splendid.
* 12:13: I wish I could write as mysteriously as a cat.
* 08:33: Sneezy cuddled up to my bruise and sighed. Suddenly I felt a little bit better.
* 08:18: Sneezy suddenly stood to attention and purred. Then he rushed into the bushes and pulled out an invite to Godville. What a clever pet!
* 08:18: By the way, an invite to Godville is a very useful household item. I'm so proud of myself.
* 04:56: It is said that pets are like their owners. I'm watching mine and don't want to believe that.
* 04:53: I've managed to find the essence of laughter somehow. Found a chest full of money. Gonna drink heavily.
* 12:56: Quest to 'crush twenty anthills' is completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck.
* 16:26: Received a nice black eye while examining the horse shoe. I've written down another rule - never bother unknown horses.
* 16:13: Hooray! I've reached level 20!
==Level 19==

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