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This page is about the god RusslieJimJams
{{usergod | avatar = RustledJimmies.jpg | hero = Satirus | gender = Male | personality = Placid | guild = the Way of Pathos | position = Chief Master}}
= Origin Story =
The most prominent of RussleJimJams' enemies are The Three Teachers. After The Great Rustling, the three teachers were called by the users of the Internet to save our jimmies from being rustled. They began a campaign of posters, motivational quotes, videos, and memes to further their cause. The Gorilla was by far the most active and outspoken of the teachers, reaching thousands of people whose jimmies had been so violently rustled. One of the most influential of his works was a video of a flying lawn mower overlayed with a picture of his face. The Koala was not as outspoken on the Internet, but rather, spread his influence in grocery and convenience stores where his cereal was sold. The most elusive of the teachers is The Panda. He has been known to inhabit a small sanctuary in the dense forest outside [[Beerburgh]] with a small, but growing group of devout monks.
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