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Long ago, there was only peace and tranquility. The universe was one and whole with no fighting, no turmoil, and no suffering. As we all know, good things can't last forever. In the summer of 2010, the jimmies began to rustle. It was a quiet rustling. Most were not aware of it right a way, but their jimmies would discover this rustling soon enough. It started out slow; a picture here, a picture there. Later that year, The Great Rustling began! 4chan began talking about the rustled jimmies. Still, many were not aware of what was happening. Some disregarded it as another silly thread, but they'd soon learn their lesson. This lesson would be a beautiful, yet dangerous message delivered by none other than the three teachers. The three teachers did not know it yet, but they would be chosen as the saviors of the rustled jimmies. The first to be called from his place on the front of a cereal box was the Gorilla Munch gorilla. He spread the good word of the unrustled jimmies as far as he could, but he grew wary over his great task. Soon to join him were the Panda Puffs panda and the Koala Crisp koala. Together, the three teachers spread the word of unrustled jimmies, restoring much of the peace that was lost during The Great Rustling. With time the three teachers would soon discover the force behind The Great Rustling, RussleJimJams himself. In September 2016, RussleJimJams created a champion named Satirus and sent him to Godville. Although the power of the jimmies is strong with Satirus, he must first undergo many epic and less-epic quests to build his strength before he can finally confront the three teachers. It will be an epic fight and will determine the fate of jimmies everywhere.
= Rivals =
Anyone who does anything is subject to someone else not liking it. Gods are no exception and RussleJimJams has his fair share of mortal enemies.
== The Three Teachers ==

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