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Level 20
Since level 18
==Level 20==
* 22:46: Had a moment of silence to honor the remains of a less-than-fortunate hero.
* 21:44: I almost got killed by a shooting star. Thankfully, it wasn't loaded.
* 21:40: It's good to be good. Right, my Lady?
* 21:40: Felt some strange movement in my pockets. Looks like I've got yet another golden brick!
* 21:40: I suppose this is a good place to fetch a bucket full of mercury for the local alchemist. Let's go!
* 21:40: Notes from the battlefield: Carlos The Witty is defeated. Pro Tagonist added 753 gold coins to her treasury. Pro Tagonist became an owner of a great rag: pair of quasidevil's horns. Pro Tagonist put a lock of Carlos The Witty's hair, and a golden brick for the temple into her bag.
* 21:23: Notes from the battlefield: Carlos The Witty and Pro Tagonist failed to disperse on the forest path and engaged in mortal combat!
* 21:23: Sometimes it feels like someone is reading my diary.
* 21:23: Went looking for trouble. No luck so far.
* 21:23: The local sheriff asked me to fetch a bucket full of mercury for the local alchemist. I don't want to go to jail, so I'd better do it.
* 21:18: I've seen things people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. And all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... Time to wake up.
* 21:17: Saw another hero's god in my dreams. My Lady, give me a sign of your presence, I beg you... I feel so lonely.
* 20:45: During our last rest stop, Sneezy performed some gothic dances in honor of the god of monsters. Please forgive him, Great One.
* 20:43: I've managed to watch the grass grow somehow. Found a chest full of money. Gonna drink heavily.
* 20:43: It was as much fun as watching paint dry, but I did it!
* 19:33: Hmm, Sneezy the rocky raccoon... The name doesn't exactly strike fear into your heart. Maybe I should have called him Mattstar?
* 15:21: I wonder if my continuous failure to get a date has anything to do with my bizarre choice of equipment.
* 11:56: Took the midnight train going anywhere.
* 10:57: Sneezy almost fell off a cliff chasing a flock of lemmings. Oh, what if he had fallen?
* 09:18: Practiced the new secret handshake I've been working on for the "Guild by Association".
* 08:56: Silly rocky raccoon got under my feet, and I almost stepped right on him. Sneezy, don't get on my nerves!
* 08:53: Wow! Déjà vu. Must be a glitch in the system.
* 08:46: This looks like a good place to rest. It's a shame I'm not tired yet... Oh well.
* 08:42: A wandering paladin poured a handful of sacred soil and let me touch his holy hand grenade.
* 08:41: I've managed to learn to fly superhero style, fist-first. My titanic efforts were rewarded with a golden brick and some pocket change!
* 08:41: Flights are most pleasant when something soft lies at the foot of the cliff.
* 08:39: I flung a gold coin into the monster's eye, bursting its eyeball. Eeewww.
* 08:34: I was just wondering... As a hero, am I supposed to have a secret identity or something? Oh, and maybe I should get a costume. I'll look great in tights!
* 08:10: My wounds are healing, the holes in my outfit are disappearing, and even my pathetic life is starting to look better. My Lady, I think I shall do something great and stupid in your honor!
* 08:03: My life was saved again! I knew you wouldn't leave me in trouble, Great One!
* 06:33: It turns out that a rocky raccoon sure can come in handy! Who knew it made such a good footstool when I rest by the roadside?
* 21:20: Well done, clever rocky raccoon! He stopped, dug into the ground and found 196 coins. I'll use it to buy him a mobile kennel and some tasty treats.
* 16:26: Received a nice black eye while examining the horse shoe. I've written down another rule - never bother unknown horses.
* 16:13: Hooray! I've reached level 20!
==Level 19==

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