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The Cyberfunks

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How we began
== How we began ==
<p>Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away... oh well, not so far away as you might think<br /p><p>A hero, a internet spaceship pilot, a worshipper of the Mighty Device -that it does stuff-, named Capitan Boutique -due to his fancy pants-<br /p><p>Was fighting the ruthless and evil Lag Monster, creator of the Lag itself and enemy of every player in the Universe<br /p>
<p>When Capitan Boutique was about to give the final blow, the Lag Monster opened a portal<br /p><p>And sent Capitan Boutique to these lands<br /p>
<p>This hero didn't understand what happened<br /p><p>So he started to travel until he arrived to Godville<br /p><p>Where he was able to acknowledge all its habits and traditions<br /p><p>And finally decided to found a new Guild:<br /p>
<p style="color: green">'''The Cyberfunks'''</p>
  <pbr />His purpose was gather all the brave internet spaceship pilots crashed there and heroes from this lands<br /p><p>To save its citizens from the evil monsters that terrorize them<br /p>
<p>Since then, the Cyberfunks serve justice among the lands of Godville<br /p><p>And Capitan Boutique is hoping that one day, the Lag Monster<br /p><p>Finally comes to Godville so he and his guildmates can end the lag once and for all.<br /p>

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