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The Cyberfunks

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| emblem = Cyberfunks_logo.png
| motto = '''Ad tabernam!'''
| leader = Tjorvi
'''''Welcome to our Wiki page! Here you will find information about our Guild and Godville.'''''
<p style="color:RED;">- This page is under construction, I will be editing it during my free times, so be patient please. - </p>
<p style="color:RED;">'''NOTE:''' If you are new to the game I suggest you to read [ this official FAQ] before reading this one.</p>
* '''How do I play this game?''' This is a ZPG (zero-player game), so your hero/ine does the slaying and questing all on his/her own. You can, however, lend a hand in different ways:
== How we began ==
<p>Once upon a time in a village galaxy far far away ... oh well, not so far away as you might think :)</p><p>A hero, a internet spaceship pilot, a worshipper of the Mighty Device (-that it does stuff)-, named Capitan Boutique (-due to his fancy pants)-</p><p>Was fighting the ruthless and evil Lag Monster, founded a new Guild creator of the Lag itself and called it: '''The Cyberfunks''' This guild wants to aggregate all enemy of every player in the internet spaceship pilots.Universe</p><br/>At the moment <p>When Capitan Boutique is seriously busy fighting was about to give the final blow, the Lag Monster, then he doesnopened a portal</p><p>And sent Capitan Boutique to these lands</p><br/><p>This hero didn't have time understand what happened</p><p>So he started to travel until he arrived to continue writing the story of his Guild.Godville</p><p>Where he was able to acknowledge all its habits and traditions</p>Please enjoy in meantime some chronicles<p>And finally decided to found a new Guild:</p><br/>*Day 702 g.e. - The Cyberfunks gains 1% of popularity in [[Deville]]. <p style="color:Hierarchs, Cardinals and Masters made a party in this city, ended in the local prison due to strange laws about beer, paper hats and night brawling with low level monsters. *Day 827 g.e. - green">'''The Cyberfunks gains 1% of popularity in [[Bumchester]]:This time no party wasn't the usual party due to beer's shortage in town'</p>
*Day 954 g.e. - We got 2% at [[Herolympus]]
:This town isn't listed in the News :(
[[Category:Guilds]]<p>His purpose was gather all the brave internet spaceship pilots crashed there and heroes from this lands</p><p>To save its citizens from the evil monsters that terrorize them</p><br/><p>Since then, the Cyberfunks serve justice among the lands of Godville</p><p>And Capitan Boutique is hoping that one day, the Lag Monster</p><p>Finally comes to Godville so he and his guildmates can end the lag once and for all.</p>

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