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Idle Omens

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Belonging to the guild, however ... now that's a bit of a different story. Before deciding to join at random, please take a moment to consider the following:
*We were once the only guild with the True Darkness! alignment in the top 20 of dueling. Coming back after a brief hiatus, we'd like to reclaim that.
**Can you not stand the sight of your herodying, and thus hard-earned gold perish? One encourage counts against 3 or more punishes. It will drop your alignment. If this is your way of playing, this guild is not for you.
*Our style of roleplay, our language and our demeanors have been found unfit for Godvilles RP forums - whether we were targeted or not does not matter. For better or worse, this guild will never include in canonical RP in the forums on this medium.
**If your interested in this, you agree that the subject matter on the external site (it's hardly offensive, in this day and age...) stays there.

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