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The Guild

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The First The Guildees
{{God|Mr God Junior}}- The Great and Powerful The Guild Leader!<br>
{{God|Tlazolteteo}}- The first The Guildee!<br>
{{God|Thorion2}}- A cool handsome (narcissistic too...) guy!<br>
{{God|Not A Unicorn}}- The first Godwiki The Guild page editor!<br>
== The Guild Decree ==
Even more important than any rules (who pays attention to those things anyways), The Guild has decreed that as a member of The Guild, that in all The Guild affairs you must capitalize every used The for maximum The Guild effect.
== The Guild's Drink ==
Being a The Guild called The Guild our inventive minds wizzed and twirled, and did all of those other things, to come up The Guild Specialty Drink.
All the work ended up in a resounding success as we named it The Drink. A resounding success met with delight over all The Guild.
== Possible Future The Guild Events ==
* Forum Game! Suggestions Wanted!

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