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=Memorable diary entries by Pro Tagonist=
Since level 18
==Level 20==
* 21:20: Well done, clever rocky raccoon! He stopped, dug into the ground and found 196 coins. I'll use it to buy him a mobile kennel and some tasty treats.
* 18:34: Almost went crazy trying to catch a strange moving red dot.
* 17:27: Attaching recently buttered toast to the bottom of my sandals afforded me the power of levitation. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.
* 17:22: A glowing fairy came along shouting 'HEY, LISTEN!'. I swatted it out of the air.
* 17:22: Found a new quest written on the billboard near the town hall: learn to fly superhero style, fist-first.
* 17:18: Woke up looking at the sunrise, wondering who stole my tent while I was sleeping.
* 17:16: I just woke up in the middle of the street with some little kid poking me with a stick. He said I was snoring...
* 17:11: Note to self: should avoid useless entries in my diary.
* 16:26: I've managed to count the nails in the third front horseshoe of Sleipnir somehow. Found a chest full of money. Gonna drink heavily.
* 16:26: Received a nice black eye while examining the horse shoe. I've written down another rule - never bother unknown horses.
* 16:13: Hooray! I've reached level 20!
==Level 19==
* 14:58: It turns out that a rocky raccoon sure can come in handy! Who knew they were so good at fetching beers?
* 14:46: Lost 220 coins gambling in the local tavern. At least this time I kept my pants!
* 14:42: A man told me I'd be twice as smart if I was half as smart as I thought I was. Hmm...
* 13:07: Sneezy snorts disdainfully and laughs at my futile attempts to count the nails in the third front horseshoe of Sleipnir. Now he is making faces at me. If you think it's so easy, why don't you do it yourself, you silly rocky raccoon?
* 12:21: Sensing my bad mood, Sneezy deftly tickled me with his whiskers. I feel a little better already.
* 12:16: Oops, I think I accidentally just took a vow of science. Guess I should've paid more attention in spelling class.
* 11:58: It seems that Sneezy just tried to use the “awkward silence” skill. Of course he failed. What a noob.
* 11:34: Stopped to feed and groom my pet. Sneezy purred excitedly in anticipation of the combing.
* 22:15: Sneezy growled at the trader. The trader swallowed nervously and gave us a generous discount.

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