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The Guild

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Who we are and what we do
== Who we are and what we do ==
Well I'm really hoping people have come to understand that we are ''The Guild'' after seeing the big title that says ''The Guild'' at the top of the page. As for what we do, mostly the same things every other guild does! So you could psare me the work of writing about (Hint: There''how we are/how/also''... s really my much to do as a guild in Godville!)
* '''Friendly We try to focus on having interesting conversations in The Guild Chat, shamelessly recruiting peopl for The Guild and welcoming to new members'''* '''How we've actually just made all this up by looking at other guild's pages'''* '''goofing off around Godville. We also like to have fun and enjoy the game!'''say The Guild too much.
Drat! You<br> == Why should you join us? ==  A better question would of course be, why shouldn've made me write it all out! Another thing t you join us. We, off course are too busy shamelessly recruiting and emohasizing The Guild in capital letters to note would be answer things like that lists look way cooler then blocks of text,though.
* Joining The Guild isn'''Right?'''t good for you health* '''Always!''On the other hand, it isn't bad for your health...* '''So lists forever!'''<br> You have the chance to say The Guild a lot more.We've also recently achieved the personality Instead of wasting your time on boring and pointless things, think of true darknesshow more productive you can be wasting your time on simply pointless things! through sheer randomness and clicking with a blindfoldThe Guild is never boring! <br>Only pointless.
== History ==

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