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The Guild

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| motto = No motto is too long for The Guild!
| alignment = Satisfyingly Random
| number = 1410
| founder = Mr God Junior
| founded = Decemberish 2015!}}
=== === [[File:TheNews!.jpeg|200px]]Since the last update, when we had a meagre six members we've jumped up to 14! I'd like to give a '''BIG''' thank you to all who've joined up to this point, purposefully and from random guild quests, thanks to all future members too for not just joining a guild, but THE GUILD itself. Also, on date (when I figure it out it'll go here) we made it to the 16th place in popularly and unlocked the High-Rank Title, thanks to a lot of miracles from our first temple owner {{God|Tlazolteteo}} (who, if you didn't pick up on the fact that only temple owners can do miracles, got her temple!). <br><div classfriend 1 ="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;"><span id="Approval">'''''Older News'''''</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">''''''After Christmas, before January the 13th''''' '''Merry Christmas''' to everyone! Looks like I'm late though! Merry Boxing week instead! Three new members are on the horizon including {{God|Olinator245}} and two other mysterious alts O_o. Recently last week (or the week before, or maybe before that... I'll just stick to recently) we entered the Pantheon of Popularity and made it to 38th place! And then promptly dropped out due to laziness. Go us! '''''Sometime Later... Probably Dec.13''''' Welcoming {{god|HSoH Alternator}} to our ranks! We also need other Gods to help build The Another Guild's The Guild hall! We also have entered the Pantheon of Unity! <br> '''''Somewhere between Dec. 6 and Dec. 13''''' Now up to four members! We've entered the pantheon of unity! Four isn't a very nice number though is it? Personally I would prefer a bigger number...Yes we are still (and always will be!) looking for more members! What better guild to join the ''The Guild''? The most widely mentioned guild in the forums! (Try it! Search "''The Guild''" on the guild headquarters search bar!) '''''Dec. 6.'''': Currently trying to assemble enough members to build ''The Guild'' hall! New members incoming! Advanced welcome to {{God|Not A Unicorn}}, {{God|Tlazolteteo}} (Got it on the third try!) And {{God|Thorion2}}. Welcome!<br><br></div> 
== Introduction: A New Guild! ==
* Find a better motto! (done! ;)
* Learn to stop using so many exclamation marks!
* Daily Guildy message?!<\br><br> == TDITGM == Also known as The Daily Inspirational The Guild message, or simply ad Guildie Message, this is basicly how we chose our motto! We have a The Guild related themed message every little while and then make it out motto. If you have any ideas, feel free to share via PM or just in The Guild forum thread! === List of past mottos and TDITGMs ===* No motto is too long for The Guild!* Reusing old jokes since this was made!* Not just another Guild! Another The Guild! === In depth, totally non-related description of current motto! === There's no real depth that we can add to this one, as it refers to the fact that the motto doesn't fit onto our coat of arms!
== Random Changing Image! ==Now, for your enjoyment and confusion, we have a randomly changing image. Hurray!
<randomimage size="150x100px" float="center>

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