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Idle Omens

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<td style="background-color: #2b004c; color:#FFF"><b>Date Founded</b>
</td><td align=justify>1978 G.E. <small>(10 September, 2015)</small> 1978 G.E.
===The Guild===
'''What ''is'' Idle Omens?An Introduction'''<br>
We're may be the broken, wethose lost from innocence. We're the innocent, we're ve given in to the devil's smile. We're the army , yet remain strong as any army at all. We're not evil, but we're far from being just those who believe the dumbfound idiots that believe this world is worth savingdominating. ItWe's worth dominating, to come from ve been baptized in the endless winters and to reach the ones who want to resist the mold of conformityand have broken out. We '''are''' the wretched, the unspoken, and above all - we but more than that? We are the divine wings upon on which this damned world just might be savedcarried into a better tomorrow.<br>
<small>At least, that's our opening pitch.<br>Means more to those involved in our RPs than just checking in on a app for fun.</small>
Keep in mind that members may banter about music and life topics in the guild council -- Our community is small, many of the members have been friends for a very long time and most of us are not native busy with personal obligations (read: life.) Expect this number to Godvilleremains somewhat the same as the months go by, but come from other, dedicated RPing sitesuntil we're ready to push back out into the world.<br>
*The guild has an external (non-Godville), post-to-play RP on that is sometimes discussed in the GC, but no one that joins the guild is required to play in it. Everyone is invited to join, but there are simple, yet strict, rules. Not everyone will be accepted, but an open mind helps.
**<small>'''Please understand that simply adding one of us to your messaging list does not make us automatically friends. We have had very poor reception here in Godville so, please be patient with us if we're a bit defensive.'''</small>

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