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101 Headed Dalmation

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A creature of irreparable size, the '''101 Headed DalmationDalmatian''' is a [[monster]] in its own category. Angry, but cute. Territorial, yet adorable. This creature is believed to have been the result of the many [[gods]] of [[Godville]] taking their pet dalmatians to the Godville Dog Pound all at the same time. The first one of its kind came to be known as Fluffy due to it its epic cuteness.
Many heroes have fallen to the 101 Headed Dalmation Dalmatian since it appears to invoke a sense of childhood fantasies... which in its own is a mystery since many heroes cannot remember even being a child to begin with. The apparent remembering of a childhood that never existed combined with the following migraine and confusion related to said remembering allows the Dalmation Dalmatian to take its time with most heroes.
'''== Attributes == === Strengths:'''===*Multiple attacks due to its many heads*Also due to multiple heads, amazing senses of sight, smell, and hearing*Iron like hide and fur'''=== Weaknesses:'''===*Dog whistles*Giant sized rolled up newspaper*Throwing a stick can allow a hero enough time to run away
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