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Since level 18
==Level 19==
* 21:39: It seems that Sneezy just tried to use the "liana-eyebrows" skill. Of course he failed. What a noob.
* 14:32: I flung a gold coin into the monster's eye, bursting its eyeball. Eeewww.
* 14:17: I suppose this is a good place to boldly go where no one has gone before. Let's go!
** ''(42% of quest completed; that's a nice number, but I don't think I've found the right place yet.)''
* 13:13: Hmm, where did Sneezy get a periodic table cloth? I tried to take it away, but he scratched me. Bad rocky raccoon!
* 13:01: In the wallet of the Identified Flying Object, killed by my hand, I found photos of its kids! What have I done? Anyway, the EXP boost was nice and now I'm hungry for more!
* 12:55: Feeling butterflies in my stomach. I guess eating caterpillars was a bad idea.
* 12:15: Saw a platypus scuttle by. Great One, I like your sense of humor.
* 12:01: Great goddess, I feel a sudden urge to sacrifice 43 gold coins to you!
* 12:01: Sneezy suddenly got a very surprised look on his face and mumbled something that sounded like: 'Sacrifice and pray.'. Hmm, I thought he was kind of non-talking.
* 09:23: Heard someone shouting "Die, Hopkinton Rhubarb III!" in the distance. I rushed to the rescue, but it turned out to be a Deaf Leopard brutally smashing a scarecrow. I guess monsters need to practice too.
* 09:20: Sneezy suddenly stood to attention and roared. Then he rushed into the bushes and pulled out a chick magnet. What a clever pet!
* 08:23: Saw someone praying to a false god. What an amateur.
* 08:06: A priestess told me that my goddess wants me to 'go forth and multiply'. It's a shame I was never good at math...
* 07:29: Tried to prove the Sandwich law while resting on the side of the road. Sneezy now has enough food to last for two days.
* 07:24: Argued with myself about the existence of pumpkins, cakes, and other anomalies.
* 05:11: Writing this diary entry with a broken pencil. It's pointless.
* Reading over the last few pages of the diary, blacking-out profanities...
* 22:53: Carefully examined my pet as I tried to figure out how he heals so quickly. Sneezy happily wagged his tail and yawned in my face.

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