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Since level 18
==Level 19==
* 22:53: Carefully examined my pet as I tried to figure out how he heals so quickly. Sneezy happily wagged his tail and yawned in my face.
* 22:48: I've seen something that cannot be unseen. Must forget! Must forget! Must forget... Wait, what was that I was trying to forget?
* 22:06: Sneezy is hanging onto my leg and begging for food. Sorry. Now is not a good time. There's an Evil Overlord ahead.
* 20:36: Fighting the Serial Killer Bee is the closest I've been to anyone since my last relationship.
* 20:32: I played hide-and-seek with myself. Lost again.
* 19:30: Sneezy fetched a dead rat from somewhere and proudly laid it at my feet. What is this? A sacrifice?
* 14:55: The mayor of the town asked me to find my lost marbles. I sense profit! [my latest quest]
** ''FWIW, my last four quests were: 1) Attempt to believe it's not butter, 2) Attempt to believe it's not butter, 3) Capture the flag, and now 4) Attempt to believe it's not butter. Hopefully, my belief is sufficiently strong that I won't need to take that quest again.''
* 14:51: Woke up to take my sleeping pills.
* 13:12: Came across a bunch of flamboyant vampires and overgrown wolves arguing over some underage girl. Looked like a lame scene, kept walking.
* 12:16: Met a man who was desperate to tell me the 'good news' about his god of love and compassion. Boy, have I got some bad news for him...
* 09:00: Studied my pet for a long time, but couldn't find where the rumbling sounds were coming from.
* 08:56: Felt like I was being followed, so I started walking backwards.
* 08:53: Lady, I have you and Sneezy, but why do I still feel like something's missing from my life?
* 07:55: Tried to navigate using the stars spinning around my head. Feel even dizzier now.
* 07:26: I found a house divided. It couldn't stand.
* 00:53: Sneezy tossed 7 gold coins into the donations cup. I wonder where he got that money? Oh well, it's not important. To your glory, my Lady!
* 21:42: Ran away from a monster and hid in a graveyard. The screamin' blues of wights were quite impressive, yet boring.

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