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*Supernatural, iZombie, Arrow, Flash, and Gotham, Blind Spot, How to Get Away With Murder, Agents of SHIELD, and. Well. Netflix and Hulu are my life when I am home.**Special mentions go to Bastard Executioner and Doctor Who(David Tennent. *-*). I'm not sold on Game of Thrones.
*Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, Assassination Classroom, World Trigger, Blaz Blue, Shiki, Tokyo Ghoul, Slayers, Hellsing, Claymore, Deathnote, and Casshern Sins, Tekkaman Blade, Gundam 08 MS Team, Dangan Ronpa , Shimoneta (A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist), and Lord of Thorn.**Special mention goes to Wild Arms: Twilight VenonVenom, .hack//SIGN, Chaos;Head, Stein's;Gate, and Robotics;Notes.**Okay, so there's a lot more to be listed and could be here all night long. I have Hulu.
*Anything science fiction and fantasy, or with zombies.
*Actual Novels? Same as movies, only add dystopian futures in as well. Special mentions go to Bridge to Terabithia and Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher.
*Qntal, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Folkearth, Delain, Blackmore's Night, Halestorm, Sinner's Moon, E-Type, Funker Vogt, Psyclon Nine, Grendel, FGFC820 Wizards and Demons, Iced Earth, and Blind Guardian. And more. Oh gods. A lot more.
*Worlds of Darkness, Pathfinder, d20, and Magic the Gathering

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