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I'm really not sure what I am going to put on this page, so for the time being it's just some random information regarding me, the person behind the user name of Sireine.<br>I had originally wanted the name of Scathach, because I absolutely adore that legend. Also, her champion Cu Chulainn was whom I had wanted to make as my hero ... but it seemed that was not to be. So I was listening to my playlist as I do, and the song ''Dangerous'' by '''Within Temptation''' pops on. I just type in the next things that pop in my head.<br>Congratulations, you now have a hero.<br><br>Well, I already had a basic idea of what I had wanted to do with this account -- a friend of mine from Insane Journal wanted to try to do a RP about Good Omens.<br>For those following our guild's Dreamwidth RP, you see how quickly that became its own monster.<br>Mm, while on that topic, Lyonhardt's hero page is just his abilities from his current state in the RP. I did try to censor as much of it as I could, so... before reporting me? Let me know if you find anything offensive. I'll remove it. I have no idea what Godville accepts and doesn't anymore.<br><br>Enough about that. So who am I?<br>I'm a legal aged citizen of the Earth (unfortunately). I am a graphic artist, FL Studio musician, and amateur game creator. If it must be said, then '''yes'''. I am female, and do not take offense to being called that. I identify as such, so no worries there. Let me know in conversations what ''you'' identify as, as the wonderful world of online personalities can be vast and varied. And before you reach out to me thinking this little app is like tinder? Sorry, boys. Girls '''only'''.

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