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Chaos Forger

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'''Strengths: Demon'''
* Immortal
* CraftyRegenerates* Can craft homonoculi for aid in battleCrafts various constructs to distract and otherwise harm opponents.* Stagnant GoodnessChaos (D'uh)
'''Strengths: Smith'''
* Appears Innocent
* Too cute to fight
* Powerful, infernal magicsWields a '''very''' heavy hammer.
'''Weaknesses: Demon'''
* ApathyHeroes with incredible luck* Well-Armed HeroOrder (ineleads to stagnation)s* Goodness and LoveCompetence
'''Weaknesses: Smith'''
* DaylightInsecure about appearance* Love StoriesClichéd love stories or those of heroism* Obsessive OrderBeing Alone

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