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Idle Omens

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===The Guild===
'''What ''is'' Idle Omens?'''<br>
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Simply, it is a guild for those looking for a change in Godville.<br>
We're broken, we're the innocent, we're the devil's smile. We're the army strong as all. We're not evil, but we're far from being the dumbfound idiots that believe this world is worth saving. It's worth dominating, to come from the endless winters and to reach the ones who want to resist the mold of conformity. We '''are''' the wretched, the unspoken, and above all - we are the divine.<br>
*Please add this symbol: ♝ to your mottoes.
**Those members who do not have ♝ within their mottoes can be considered inactive members.
==Pantheons & Other==
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Please help Idle Omens maintain its place as one of the top 100 or so guilds in popularity.
*If you notice your hero(ine) is healing in town and you have a some God Power to spare -- never use a charge -- send an influence their way.
*Every divine punishment (or encouragement, if you must) adds points to your guild's overall score, although once we obtain a templed hero ... it is rumored that [[Miracles]] give the most influence.<br>
See the guide on Temple Building & General Tips for more information on how to make your trip to town beneficial to you '''and''' our guild.
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<br><blockquote>“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”<br>-Friedrich Nietzsche </blockquote><br>
*To this end, and this end alone - this guild strive to maintain its popularity so that neutral heroes (those of abandoned accounts) do not stray into Idle Omens. It takes some mild effort to maintain alignment, so all members are expected to contribute something ... no matter how small.
The Arena.<br>Members are encouraged to take part in dueling at least once per day if they are able to to help us maintain our current top 20 rank in duelery.
Members ranked '''Chief Master''' and ''higher'', should know that their records directly influence Idle Omens' ranking in the Pantheon of Duelery.
<br>Here are some guidelines and tips:
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*On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or '''more''' charges.
**Unless you are dueling in the new ZPG Arena, within the first 5 minutes of every hour, this will prepare you for whatever ''other'' special rules may come.
**If it seems that the Random Number God is out for your soul, take a break from the Arena. There are other ways you can help our guild besides shedding the blood of others.<br>
Now, of course, if you win ... use that 100% GP to accumulate another charge and poof: If you used all three charges, you're back to having 2 plus a free prayer in town.
===Temple Building & General Tips===
Other than the Arena (which can provide up to 4 bricks at a time), there are a number of ways to speed up the construction of one's personal Temple.
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*Using a divine influence when your hero(ine) possesses ''more than'' 3,000 coins ''can'' result in the '''melting''' of a brick.
**Using this influence during the ''selling stage'' of a town visit greatly increases your chance of receiving additional gold, or another artifact if the influence ''fails''.
**It is advisable to only use the ''dig'' command if you have 80% of your maximum health or more.
*Remember to '''vote''' in the Ideabox! Providing your input on content can and will make your prayers more effective, but don't just spam votes. Some of the content is actually worth upvoting, and while others are just ... well. Its a matter of taste. Don't forget to vote at least every 8 hours to maximize this bonus.

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