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Idle Omens

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==Current News==
Idle Omens has , once again faced undue censorship , been targeted by the Admins, some group of people - more than likely a specific individual and they refuse to answer our inquiries into ittheir plethora of alternative accounts. Because of this, we have taken out Guild Hall RP off Since it has been brought to my attention that discussion of Godville. Those who have any interest in was banned is actually a reason for the storyAdmins to throw the book at you, please contact a member just know that it has effected most of Idle Omens for details. Be aware that this new the main RP is without the censorship of Godville. Please keep this in mind, as we do not want to offend anyonegroup.
MaybeSo they are okay with people using alternatives to catfish people, to hurt them, they are okay with their own game pandering to acts of debauchery, but when we introduce a PG-13 storyline we're considered at fault, because we're not parodying it. Parody or not, alcohol content makes this - or should make this - a game for mature players already. Religious themes often get a mature rating, as well. Not to mention all the innuendo. Or violence. But because its comedy, no one looks at it twice.
What's accepted on Godville: Murder. Smoking Narcotics. Innuendo. Alcoholism. Lustful depictions of women that are played by men. Each of these automatically make It sends the medium more than a simple PG, and many of them are found in wrong message to the actual game's content.<br>What's not accepted on Godville: Censoring above vices. Descriptions youth of beautiful girls played by actual womentoday. Censored innuendoThat said, Idle Omens will continue its RP elsewhere. Any physical part Please contact a member of the female body that could be taken as sexual should be removed from writing.  Thank guild if you, Admins. I'll leave this here in case anyone is confused about what is allowed and what isn't in the RPs of Godville. Kind of sends a mixed message, but hopefully this will prevent any one from being banned in the futured like to know where or how to join.
===The Guild===
|<small>{{god|MrHam}}</small> || '''Hamitek''' || Chief Master
|<small>{{god|Corvus Silver}}</small> || '''X-01 Exoskeleton''' || Follower
|<small>{{god|Requiem Lost}}</small> || '''Feral Heart''' || Recruit
<br><br> RP Information==
[ The Realm] is our current storyline.
Do not proceed further than the front page if the disclaimer contains content you are legally not able to observe, or if makes you laugh, uneasy, or snap into an uncontrollable rage-fit. Do not whine or report to the administrators of Godville -- there is ample warning.
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